Damocles Sword Recruiting was formed to focus on management and technical roles in industries we know and understand exceptionally well. This includes the following industry sectors:

  • Automotive
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Medium/ Heavy Duty Truck
  • Power Generation
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Electrical (Section 16)
  • Other technical and all technical sales roles

Methodology and Philosophy

Our greatest value to our customers is that we truly know and understand the roles we seek to fill. Anyone can advertise but true relevant experience is needed to screen applicants effectively or to advertise in parallel sectors. 

Damocles Sword focuses most of our resources on a directed search process. Otherwise known as "headhunting" we actively identify and engage with top talent not currently looking for roles. For this reason, we have an exceptionally high success rate in filling client roles. 


We typically operate on an exclusive contingency search basis. This means that you are only charged if you hire a candidate sourced by us. We also engage in retained search and non-exclusive contingency search models. Our fee structure is often customized to meet the needs of specific industries.